The Villain of Circumstances.

I am not trying to vindicate somebody here, but when you think about it, nobody was born a villain, even ‘the joker’ himself can attest to this. He was never a twit but the unnerving experiences he had to go through emanated the villain aspect in him; the viciousness is moulded by every unwieldy happenings … Continue reading The Villain of Circumstances.

Chronicles of a village cockerel; Part 3

The ‘slayest’ of queens I bet you all know by now that I am surprisingly very stable in the employment sector despite my two recent ordeals. If you don't, I think you should catch up; Now that we are all on the same page, I am back on my feet after ‘my first … Continue reading Chronicles of a village cockerel; Part 3

The prayer of a departing soul…

Image source; I can feel blood running through my veins, spreading the excruciating pain that I haven't actually placed it's location as of now; is it the wound in my inner thighs that is oozing with blood or my heart, slowly shuttering to pieces. I try to gasp for air but my slowly deflating … Continue reading The prayer of a departing soul…

Home gym starter pack!!

Self care shouldn't just stop because you are in quarantine. In fact, you should make the most of this ‘kaholiday’ and bring yourself up to speed on all matters self care. Imagine if you had your own gym so that you could hope in and out, any time of the day, whenever you feel like. … Continue reading Home gym starter pack!!

Strut the runway, like you own it!!

Let's face it, confidence is nothing we are born with rather it's a character we pick as we grow up. A character that should nurture with every step of our development. Life is weird; as a child, it's much easier to carry on with your activities without any insecurities but as time goes by, the … Continue reading Strut the runway, like you own it!!

The past, the present and the in-between.

Part One Ashley's curiosity had caused her to spend an entire night going through her ex-husband's social media profile which had since proved one heartbreaking truth, he had moved on; and proud of that fact judging by the number of pictures of his new insta-model girlfriend he had just posted. He wasn't her only victim. … Continue reading The past, the present and the in-between.

Dieting the right way;

This is basically defined as deliberately avoiding some specific food or reducing the overall food consumption with the sole reason of loosing weight. It should not be confused with a healthy diet. The latter has been discussed here Dieting could go hand in hand with exercising or may be used in place of workouts. … Continue reading Dieting the right way;

Womanhood: Part Three; Pamper routine.

“The degree of growth is estimated by the ability to make sound choices” Not that it's related to my main topic but I couldn't fight the urge to write something wise (LOL- if millennials still say this). Anyway, a tinge of laziness may creep in especially while in this quarantine prompting you to neglect self … Continue reading Womanhood: Part Three; Pamper routine.

The Villain of Circumstances.

Chapter two Jenny sank her skinny naked body into the overflowing bathtub half-filled with ice. The freezing water sent excruciating chills down her skinny back. Her incendiary eyes watching dolefully as paltry air bubbles rose periodically and vanished as they made contact with the surface. She lifted her head and sat still. The abhorrent smell … Continue reading The Villain of Circumstances.


Source; Harvard health Our bodies are practically full of microorganisms commonly bacteria and yeast which exist as normal flora. Normal, because technically, their presence at a particular part of the body should not cause any alarm. Think of it as a symbiotic relationship; we provide the nourishment and get protection from other harmful bacteria in … Continue reading Probiotics